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About Me

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Get to know Mary-Jo

I've been a church musician since age 16 when I was hired as organist for Lakeshore Drive United Church in my hometown of Morrisburg, Ontario. From that time on, I've almost always been connected with a church in a musical capacity. Wherever life took me, I would always find a church to play for, or a church would find me.

My Church Experience

Piano Note

1982 - 1984

Lakeshore Drive United Church, Morrisburg, ON

Piano Keys

1993 - 1994

Peace Lutheran Church, Pickering, ON

Piano Lesson

1985 - 1988

United Church, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

music score wallpaper.jpg

1991 - 1992

St. Agnes' Anglican Church, Etobicoke, ON

Hammers and Keys

1994 - 1995

Metropolitan Community Church, Toronto, ON

Playing Piano

1995 - 2000

St. David's Anglican Church, Orillia, ON and St. Athanasius' Anglican Church, Orillia, ON

From 2000 - 2013, I took a break to raise a family 😊

Fingers Playing Piano Keys

2013 - 2021

St. Mark's Presbyterian Church, Orillia, ON

Upright Piano

2022 - 2023

South Dundas Lutheran Community Church, Williamsburg, ON

Sheet Music for Piano

2023 - present

Mid-Laurentian United Church, Rawdon, QC

My Education

McGill University

Bachelor of Music

Honours School Music


University of Toronto

Bachelor of Education


Royal Conservatory of Music

A.R.C.T in Piano Performance

Church Windows


“Your recordings are fantastic! Almost as good as you being here!"

Pam, Parishioner - South Dundas Lutheran, Williamsburg, Ontario
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